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The Importance of Ensuring Your Child Has Good Posture

Written By Cerwin Clinic of Chiropractic on August 9, 2018

Would you wait 30+ years to have your teeth evaluated by a dentist? Most people would immediately think no, absolutely not! With this example in mind, why would you wait any time period for your child’s spine to be evaluated by Dr. Cerwin?

The day-to-day things your child does can have a huge impact on their posture, which, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on their health. 

Your child’s posture is vital to how healthy their spine is, and the health of their spine has an overall effect on their physical and mental well-being. 

So while there are growing concerns about children adopting bad posture when using technology, ensuring proper alignment as soon as possible is the key  toward improving their posture and general health. 

Bad Posture and Its Overwhelming Effects

A number of things can influence your child’s posture, including: 

  • Stooping over smartphones or tablets
  • Large, heavy backpacks or bags
  • Long periods of sitting – at home or school 

Even though these may seem like minimal things that can be easily corrected, not making any changes could mean your child is hampered by aches and pains throughout their life. 

Problematic conditions that arise as a result of bad posture include curvature of the spine, which can irritate the nerves and limit nutrient intake, leading to problems all over the body; back and neck strain that also moves to other parts of the body as their posture becomes imbalanced; and organ damage, which is caused when bones become misaligned, squashing these vital structures.

How to Improve Your Child’s Posture

Start by showing them how they should stand:  up tall while holding their heads high, keeping their belly button pulled in, and making sure their ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, and ears are aligned.

Then, show them how to relax their spinal muscles by exercising. Demonstrate how they should relax their tummy and let their head bend forward loosely, before gently turning their head from side to side, counting to 15 each time. 

You should also check their back packs and make sure the weight of the bag doesn’t exceed 10 pounds. Being active won’t just benefit their posture but their overall health too. 

Finally, if your child is already noting aches and pains in their back, or if you’re particularly concerned about their posture, make them an appointment to see Dr. Cerwin. Dr. Cerwin is able to correct any misalignments while also helping to show your child what good posture is. 

To speak to our dedicated team about your child’s posture at the Cerwin Clinic of Chiropractic in Charlotte, NC - visit us online or call today at 704-342-2100.

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